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SourceCon.QA is a question and answer site for sourcers and recruiters who source. With your help, we are creating a library of detailed answers to questions related to sourcing and candidate identification.
This is different from a discussion forum in which opinions are shared and debated. The point of this site is to provide practical solutions for sourcing challenges. Duplicate questions, off-topic questions, opinion based questions, etc. will be removed by moderators to help keep the site useful and informative for our audience.
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Guidelines for Questions
  • Questions should be about problems you are facing.
  • Questions should be very detailed and provide detail about what you have already done to solve the problem.
  • Questions should have right and wrong answers (they should not be opinion based).
  • Questions must be relevant to candidate identification / competitive intelligence gathering.
If you want to debate, complain, gossip, chit-chat, ask hypothetical questions, or pontificate about the latest recruiting and sourcing buzz words, we welcome these activities in the SourceCon LinkedIn group or the SourceCon Google+ community.
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Acceptable questions for SourceCon.QA include:
  • How would you write an x-ray string for this association website? (example URL)
  • What is the most effective way to see members of a group I’m not a member of on LinkedIn?
  • What is the best automated tool to scrape email addresses from a website?
  • I want to learn to create bookmarklets to increase my sourcing productivity.I need to learn Javascript to do this. What are the best tools/resources to help me with this?
  • Which sourcing/recruiting CRM solutions can help me solve this problem? (explain the problem in great detail)
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Unacceptable questions:
  • Did you see this blog post? This looks like a fun event… who’s going?
  • I’m so tired of the “talent community” debate… Do you think XYZ company will even be around in the next 5 years?
  • Who’s going to ERE this year?????
  • I will be doing a webinar today at noon for $99 and we will be talking about boolean search!
Ss reputation
Growing your reputation within the community is simple. Ask good questions and provide good answers. Users vote on the best answers which gives increses the reputation of the person who provided the answer. In the end, the best answers rise to the top.
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Flagging Questions and Answers
If you see a question that does not fit the criteria discussed above, flag it for review.
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Use tags to categorize your questions and find questions others have asked. Separate each tag with a comma and add as many as you’d like.