How to determine whether or not emails from "" is legitimate or not.

about 1 year ago

I recently applied for a teaching position in China last night via After submitting my resume, I check my email this morning and I look in my spam folder and see that I have gotten a response. My first red flag, but I was still estatic to get some type of update. I noticed that the responder to my request "" domain name differs from simply "". I was told that there is a Chinese national holiday going on in China until the 10th of October, so Grace should be getting in touch with me until then. My gut is telling me that it's spam, but I want to make sure before disregarding this amaing opportunity. How can one make the determination whether or not the email is fake? I have looked on for assistance but it provides very little to no information of how to go about assessing the situation. It seems like they only assist partners and employers alike but not job seekers. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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