Technology Meetups

3 months ago

Hey All, I've been seeing a ton of success by leading meet-ups. What's specifically worked is to have the manager or other subject matter expert presenting material to showcase the company, the technology, the culture and the product. I've also done a ton of pre and post conference sourcing. However I've had a few leaders question this because they fear they'll lose team members to other companies. I've also consistently seen recruiters on the attendee list. I've been advising my clients that the net gain outweighs any potential turnover and I've back that up with metrics. Anyone else had to have this conversation with their leader? 

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3 days ago

Yes, I've heard this from my hiring managers in the past. It's just a risk that they will have to take. I would focus more on presenting the opportunity factor. We'll attract and attain better talent if we're going to these types of events. 



-Jonathan Kidder